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The Clemence of Titus, Drottningholms, Stockholm

[ Author Adrian Trasca ]

[ From category Stiri opere din strainatate ]
[ Subcategory OperaRail 2013 ]
[ Subcategory II Stockholm Opera Regala ]
[ Translator Dana Pavel ]
[ Article date: 2013-08-13 ]
[ From city Stockholm ]
[ Country Suedia ]

Romna English Franais

The Clemence of Titus, Drottningholms, Stockholm

 1466 I had the chance to be in Stockholm on the same day that the Clemence of Titus" was on at the royal summer palace. Of course, it did not happen solely by chance, I had planned to be in Stockholm precisely on that day.

The royal summer palace of Drottningholms is located on one of the 14 islands that form the capital of Sweden. Alongside it there is, obviously, a lake. At the entrance I caught a glimpse of a beautifully laid-out large garden behind the palace.

For the opera, there is a theatre of roughly 500 seats. All the organizers were dressed up in costumes typical of the age of Mozart, which made you step into this atmosphere from the moment you entered the door. I have to admit that I was not very elegantly dressed, and my suitcase made me look anything but charming, but since I took it to the opera in Munchen and Rome, I had to acquaint it to the opera in Stockholm as well.

In order not to deviate from the main idea, I will introduce it here. The setting was perfect: a small room, dimly lit by 8 chandeliers fit for the size of it, the scenery, the orchestra (whose members were, of course, all dressed up in Mozart type of costumes), two side balconies (they sang from them as well). The thing that impressed me most was that every gesture was perfectly framed, which only meant that they had reahearsed them tens, if not hundreds of times. Need I say that the voices fitted perfectly with the scenery or would it be redundant?

The orchestra was not very big, at most 30 members. The conductor was standing somewhere on the side and instead of a music stand, he had a piano in front of him. Later on I saw why: he played some of the arias himself. The floor of the stage was of unpolished wood: large undyed floorboards. But the scenery was vivid and it was changing in the twinkling of an eye. At some point, I took a short look on the programme and when I raised my head the scenery had already been changed. When they moved on to the following scene, I was able to see how they changed the scenery as well.

About the opera itself it`s Mozart. He is a genius of classical music, but his works are strikingly similar, so The Clemence of Titus" is not special in any way. But the setting was worth the effort: to get from the city centre to the theatre and back I needed to change 4 means of transportation; and, of course, it takes time to get there: roughly one hour. However, an opera at the Drottningholms Palace should not be passed up.

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